Large portion of $632K Mayfield bike trail project to be paid for with federal grant

MAYFIELD, KY — A new bike and walkway trail in Mayfield will cost more than $600,000.

Last year the city received a federal grant to help pay for the project. The new trail will start at Kess Creek Park and connect to the fairgrounds at the other end of town. Some think it’s a great thing, while others question whether it’s a good investment.

Randy Len Langston uses the walking trails that already exists at Kess Creek Park to walk his dogs. He says a new trail would be great.

“Man, I’m glad to hear it. If you extend it out, you’ll get to see more, and it gives it more of a challenge to it,” says Langston.

But Aimee Wallace says, while she doesn’t mind the idea of a new bike trail, she doesn’t know if it will be money well spent. “Biking trails is not a necessity,” she says.

“It’s a nice thing to have. They just need to fund it differently,” Wallace says.

The main way the city plans to fund the project is through a $600,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s Transportation Alternatives Program. That program sets aside money from the federal gas tax for projects like the bike trail.

“This money was specifically for alternative transportation, and we’ve had some people since we have received the grant say we need to pave the streets and so forth. The money couldn’t be used for that,” says director of planning John Poole.

Poole says the city will also contribute $126,000 towards the project. The hope is to stay within the budget of $632,000.

The city says they hope the trail will be open by this time next year.

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