Paducah to install stop signs at two intersections

PADUCAH, KY – Two intersections in Paducah are becoming all-way stops.

On Monday, crews will be installing stop signs at the intersection of North 21st Street and Clay Street. They will also be installing signs at the intersection Pecan Drive and Buckner Lane.

Stop signs are being added to North 21 Street at Clay Street to improve safety for pedestrians. The intersection is adjacent to McNabb Elementary School.

Signs are being added to Pecan Drive to help with traffic at the intersection with Buckner Lane. The city says during peak traffic time, it is difficult for cars to turn from Buckner Lane onto Pecan Drive.

The new stop signs at both intersections will be covered with bags until November 5 to get drivers used to the upcoming changes. The signs will become active on November 5.

The intersection of Pecan Drive and Buckner Lane was part of a traffic study earlier this year. You can read that report here.