Murray State students react after police say campus robbery report was false

PADUCAH, KY – The Murray State University Police Department says a student falsely reported a robbery at the Stewart Stadium parking lot Sunday night. Most students speaking with Local 6 on Monday say it was hard to believe a robbery would happen on campus.

“This parking lot I feel is safe. It’s very open. It’s very well lit at night. I’ve walked back to my dorm multiple times,” says Murray State freshman Jacob Payne.

Like most other freshmen, Payne parks in the Stewart Stadium parking lot because it’s the cheapest option. But, it makes the walk from his car to his dorm and classes longer.

“It’s a pretty far walk. I mean, it’s not that far. You’re just half a mile,” says Payne.

That long walk can be dangerous at night, which is why some thought the robbery could have happened. Freshman Tiffani Burban rides her bike on campus at night. She says when she heard about the reported robbery, it made her a little uneasy.

“It was so close, because I live in Springer, and that’s, like, I can see the parking lot from my window,” Burban says.

Payne hopes students can learn from the false report and take real precautions.

Everybody I talked to doesn’t know much about what happened, but they talk about it and wonder what goes on,” says Payne.

The student who made the report has been charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Murray State does offer programs to help keep students safe on campus, such as escorts for students who walk alone on campus at night, safety education programs, and campus police.

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