What the Tech: Paypal advantages

In many online stores you have an option to pay with PayPal and you may have wondered, is this better than using a credit card? Is it safer? Do I need it?

PayPal is owned by Ebay and has been around for nearly 20 years and in that time it’s proven to be one of the most secure ways to buy things online.

To use it, give PayPal your credit card or bank account information. When you buy something, PayPal completes the purchase without giving the seller or retailer your bank or credit card numbers. So it’s safer. It’s also easier since you don’t have to enter your credit card information everytime you buy something…just click “pay with PayPal.”

PayPal protects your purchases. If you never get what you ordered or get something different, PayPal will stop payment until it gets sorted out. PayPal will also pay for shipping to return the items.

Who needs PayPal? If you make a lot of online purchases from anywhere other than Amazon, it’s probably a good idea.

If you shop online and make purchases from many different websites, you don’t want your credit card or bank account information stored with all of those businesses. Using PayPal keeps your credit card and bank information in just one place.

If you shop only at Amazon, you don’t need PayPal. Amazon doesn’t take it. But Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other popular stores do take PayPal.

If you shop on Ebay, you definitely need PayPal. Here’s why: let’s say you’re buying this pair of RayBan sunglasses that the seller claims are normally 180 dollars. You can buy them for 62. if you buy them and discover they’re fakes, you’ll be able to return them without losing any money. And you never want to give your credit card information to sellers you don’t know.

There are other benefits to using PayPal and it’s worth the time to visit PayPal.com to see what those are. All in all, PayPal is a good choice for anyone who shops online anywhere other than Amazon.

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