SIU alum Jason Seaman honored during homecoming for saving lives

CARBONDALE, Ill. — A former defensive lineman for Southern Illinois University, Jason Seaman, is being welcomed back to campus in a big way.

He’s now a teacher in Noblesville, Indiana where earlier this year, he stopped a gunman in his school. He even took several bullets in order to save his students.

On Saturday night during SIU’s football game, he was given an awarded the Most Courageous Award of 2018.

Earlier during Saturday at the Homecoming Parade, he was the grand marshal. Amongst the crowd and the chaos, you might just miss him.

SIU alum Steve Angrum is saluting him. “Today I guess we honor him and for that cause,” Angrum said. “Proud to know a former Saluki did a heroic thing.”

Seaman hasn’t been back on campus since 2012. Six years later, he’s more than just a former football player. He’s being honored as a hero though he doesn’t like that title.

“My name and hero are not synonyms,” Seaman said. “I don’t think I deserve that title whatsoever. I boil it down to there were kids that needed help and I was there to help them. That’s what I did.”

In May, when a gunman entered his classroom, Seaman used his skills from the field to tackle the shooter. Only one student was shot.

“I literally didn’t think about anything. I just went, got him, tackled him, and got him under control,” Seaman said. “Then I told my class to get the heck out of there.”

Two bullets still sit inside his body. He is returning to campus with more than he left with.

“I think it’s hilarious he doesn’t think he is a hero. I think most people in Southern Illinois and people in general think he’s a hero for what he did in Indiana,” said Dave Cooper, a father of an SIU student.

As the band marches on, people welcome him home with the title he shies away from: hero.

Seaman said he’s meeting with the prosecutor in a few weeks about the case against the 13-year-old suspect.

He still teaches in the same classroom that the shooting happened in. He says his advice to people is to find the positive side of everything.

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