Friends in the Fight: Francis Scott


PADUCAH — You hear the number one in eight. That’s the number of women who will battle breast cancer in her lifetime.

Francis Scott recently found out she is one of those women. She’s battling invasive ductal carcinoma triple negative.

Doctors said Francis would lose her hair soon after her first chemo treatment. Her sisters decided to help Francis take her first step in her fight against cancer.

As she sits in a salon chair, Francis says this is her “first courageous step.”

Instead of waiting for her hair to fall out, Francis Scott’s sisters had a better idea. “With us three, everything gets fun with us three,” said Francis.

As Francis shaved her head before chemo had a chance, her sisters also shaved their heads to show their support.

I first talked with Francis and sister Paula on October 18, just before Francis tackled her first chemo treatment. “You’re scared, apprehensive, you’re nervous. You don’t were your thoughts are going to take you. They just jump,” explained Francis.

Francis thought of her loved ones, especially her children. She explains, “when you have to tell your kids something like this, it breaks your heart because you know it’s breaking their hearts.”

On this day, Francis is surrounded by the ones she loves as the stylist takes the scissors to her hair.

Her sister Paula, a cancer survivor herself, had the idea for the siblings to show there is strength in numbers. “I mean that’s love,” said Francis.

Francis will go through 8 weeks of chemo, followed by an ultrasound, and possibly 4 more weeks chemo. 

That’s when doctors will decide if she’ll have another surgery and radiation.

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