City of Paducah says it could take a while to address flooding problems


PADUCAH — In some areas in Paducah, it takes only minutes for water to rise and cover streets during heavy rainfall.

It makes people like Lee McTaggart uneasy. “We’ve seen it get up close to the top of the riprap a couple of times, but it hasn’t quite gotten over the bridge and the roads behind us,” says McTaggart.

McTaggart’s family lives in apartments on Oak Crest Road, which have flooded in the past.

“This is kind of down from the hill of coming off of Buckner Lane right there where the water would flow,” says McTaggart.

Over the past year and a half, the city of Paducah has been studying which areas are prone to flooding. It’s all a part of the Cities Storm Water Master Plan.

“Nothing is a quick fix,” says City Engineer Rick Murphy.

One of the big things the city hopes to accomplish with plan is keeping drainage ditches flowing, so water doesn’t cover roads or get into people’s homes.

“It’s going to come down to: How are we going to fix the problem with funding?” Murphy says.

It’s estimated the projects needed to prevent flooding could cost millions. The city will have to budget for the projects or apply for outside grants.

“We’re at a decision making point, a trigger point to where, I guess, how do we bring these projects out,” says Murphy.

In the meantime, McTaggart will have to wait and hope his place doesn’t flood.

“It could always be a concern but you do the best you can and you just deal with it as it comes,” says McTaggart.

The city of Paducah will be hosting more public meetings on the Storm Water Master Plan in November.