Barbecue on the River organizers ‘devastated’ over alleged theft by employee

PADUCAH — A Paducah attorney says accountants are still determining how much money was stolen from Barbecue on the River, but it’s probably in the thousands.

David Boggs Jr.

The Barbecue on the River Board said in a statement Monday that one of its employees, David Boggs, stole money from the 2018 festival operating expenses “over a short amount of time” recently. He remains missing as of Monday evening.

Attorney David Troutman with Edwards & Kautz law firm said Barbecue on the River President Susie Coiner discovered over the weekend that Boggs allegedly wrote unauthorized checks.

“We’re not talking hundreds. We’re probably talking about thousands,” said Troutman. “But how many thousands, we just don’t know.”

Troutman said, although accountants are still working to learn more, none of the money that was stolen was designated to charities.

“The Coiner family and all the organizers of Barbecue on the River are just devastated. Mr. Boggs has been with them for many, many years. So obviously, they’re shocked and saddened by what they’ve heard and what they discovered so far,” said Troutman. “Barbecue on the River is a great thing for this community. It’s a thing that everybody loves. So, when this happens, it certainly dampens the spirit of that.”

Paducah Police say Boggs left his home at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday and has not been seen since. Police say, although they are investigating the alleged theft and Boggs’ disappearance, their priority is Boggs’ safety and well-being.

“We’re all hopeful that he turns up safe and sound. You know, if he’s watching out there, we all want him to know that everything can be taken care of,” said Troutman.

Local 6 also called Boggs, but he did not answer. Anyone who knows his whereabouts is asked to call Paducah Police at 270-444-8550.

The Barbecue on the River Board said organizers will continue to cooperate with investigators, and although they are “devastated by this unnerving development,” they cannot comment further at this time.

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