Re-elected Graves County Sheriff Redmon speaks on camera while facing charges

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, KY — The re-elected Graves County sheriff appeared in court the day after Election Day. Sheriff Dewayne Redmon is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and official misconduct.

Sheriff Redmon in court

Redmon has been accused of taking pills out of the drug drop off box at the sheriff’s office for his own use.

Christian County Judge John Atkins set a trial date for April 9, 2019.

Because of the charges, the sheriff has been restricted in his duties. The issue for Graves County is voters re-elected a sheriff that can’t do the full job.

Redmon was challenged by six write-in candidates who all filed for candidacy after Redmon was charged.  Redmon was re-elected with 47 percent of the vote. Altogether, more voters in Graves County voted against Redmon, but those votes were split up among the many write-in candidates.

“This is an extremely unique position,” Redmon attorney Bryan Wilson told the judge. “The bond agreements are — and Mr. Greenwell has found — that they are very difficult to police, so to speak.”

Wilson tried to get the sheriff back to his full duties. Redmon’s current bond agreement has limited his duties to purely administrative tasks.

“At this point, judge, we are asking that he able to take on more of an administrative role than what he has,” Wilson said. “He’s got to be able to hire personnel to oversee and to help him oversee the sheriff’s department.”

Judge John Atkins

“I don’t believe it is appropriate for Sheriff Redmon to have any law enforcement responsibilities while he is under indictment,” Atkins said. “Any law enforcement responsibilities will have to be deferred to a chief deputy. If you don’t have one, I will appoint one.”

They have one. Graves County Chief Deputy Davant Ramage said that, since the charges were filed, four people at the department have quit. He’s hired two people and said he is doing the duties that Redmon cannot.

For the first time since he was charged, Redmon spoke to us on camera about the election.

“I was very well pleased to the response last night,” Redmon said of the election. “Well pleased that the Graves County community still has confidence in me with everything that is going on. I’m just ready to get all this behind me and move on, one way or the other.”

Wilson did not let Redmon answer any more questions.

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