Superintendent eases parents fears over rumors of planned school shooting


CARBONDALE,IL — A post shared on social media by parents and neighbors of Carbondale High School students created a panic. The post claimed students threatened to shoot up the school and target some African American students.

Because of the post, some parents were afraid to send their students to school. Carbondale School Superintendent Steve Murphy said there was a minor incident between students on Friday, but that is not what’s being shared.

“I think maybe the anxiety on Monday stemmed from that. Again, legally I can’t discuss what one student said to another student,” said Murphy.

He said the police were never called in that incident, and there was never a threat to the students. He said students may have gotten confused because there was different police presence than usual at the school on Monday.

” We have a resource officer in our school all the time, so there is always an officer here to assist us. I think maybe the different police presence on Monday because the resource officer was gone stroked the rumor mill,” said Murphy.

After seeing the post making the rounds, he said he sent out an automated call hoping to ease parents’ worries.

“It’s sad in our society that there’s ever-increasing anxiety about violence in school,” said Murphy.

The Carbondale Police Department sent the following statement about the post.

“The police department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) did assist school personnel on Friday during the school day regarding an incident involving student conduct.  The investigation resulted in the incident being referred to school personnel for internal review and no arrests were made.”

Murphy said safety is their highest priority. He said if parents have any more concerns, they can call the office.

We received a statement from a parent who wrote one of the posts. She is asking for better communication between the school and parents. Murphy said he cannot comment on any kind of school investigation that involved a small group of students. He said there is no investigation by police.