After local jailer plans to retire but return, wife appointed interim jailer


Jailer Roger Ford

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Marshall County Jailer Roger Ford is retiring early, but the retirement will be short-lived. He plans to return to the job he’s retiring from in a couple of months.

Ford won re-election Tuesday, but he released a letter to the public Wednesday saying he was retired effective Nov. 1, but will be returning as jailer on Jan. 1. Ford says he is doing that to secure his pension.

After his retirement letter was released, his wife, Laurie Ford, was sworn in as interim jailer that same day. Kentucky state law 63.220 states that when a vacancy in county government opens up, the judge executive appoints someone to fill it.

After calling the judge executive’s office multiple times without any answers, Local 6 went to the courthouse to talk with Judge Executive Kevin Neal about why Ford’s wife was appointed interim jailer. Neal told us he would talk after the county’s fiscal court meeting. But after the meeting, Neal would not talk on camera. After he walked away from our planned interview, we followed him down the hall. He again declined to talk on camera, but he did said there wasn’t any rhyme or reason for specifically appointing Laurie Ford as interim jailer.

Roger Ford meets the age and service time to begin drawing his pension. However, Kentucky Retirement System says once someone retires, they have to wait three months before they begin working again. That would be longer than Ford’s plan to sit out two months.

We have included Roger Ford’s full letter to the public below.

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