Fake “opening soon” sign seen at old Whaler’s Catch restaurant in downtown Paducah

PADUCAH, KY — Another fake “opening soon” sign was spotted in Paducah.

A Bimbo bakeries sign saying “opening soon” with a phone number was seen at the old Whaler’s Catch restaurant in downtown Paducah.

Bimbo bakeries is in fact a real company, but mostly makes baked goods for companies such as Entenmann’s, Sara Lee, and Thomas.

The phone number listed is also from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” song.

The sign has since been taken down.

This is the second time a fake opening sign has been seen in Paducah.

In September, a fake Chili’s banner was put up at the closed TGI Friday’s.

That banner had a different prank number, the one made famous by rapper Mike Jones.