Parents seek answers from school district about threatening Facebook post

CARBONDALE, IL- Members of the African American community are asking for stronger security in their schools. Thursday, we reported about a Facebook post that had spread across the internet. The post said that a group of students at Carbondale High School had planned on shooting up the school and targeting African American students. Friday night, before a Carbondale High School board meeting, parents talked with the superintendent demanding answers about what’s being done to keep their students safe.

Neighbors fearful for African American students at Carbondale High School are still sharing these posts around the internet. Superintendent Steve Murphy told neighbors there was an altercation but never any threat to the student body. But parents are still upset.

“As a parent of high school students in this day in age, you always have that fear. I have that fear when I drop my kid off for school even my elementary kid. I’m in the car praying,” said Tamecca Garrison.

The conversation centered around race relations at the school and then broadened to requesting increased safety measures at the school.

“I think some measurements need to be made in this district on the safety of our kids,” said one parent.

“We do have locks on our doors. You got to get buzzed in on. We do have a resource officer,” said Murphy.

Murphy could not discuss the punishment of the kids involved in the altercation last Friday. But he did say he doesn’t see those kids coming back in the future.

Parents are relieved but they hope the students get the help and support they need.

“That’s still somebody’s child. Just like my child is a kid. She may sometimes stray off the path” said Garrison.

The parents hope for better communication from the school in the future. The superintendent plans to meet with parents again to follow up on the meeting.

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