Winter Weather Update

Hey! It’s Meteorologist Jason Lindsey, I continue to track our chances for winter weather as we start the new workweek. So, will all the ingredients come together for accumulating snow? I see a few problems…

  • Moisture – Moisture is needed to get precipitation. There will be a lot of dry air, at the lower levels, Monday morning. How quickly will the lower levels saturate?
  • Temperature – Below freezing temperatures, in the clouds and near the ground, are necessary to make snow and/or ice. Will it be cold enough, by the time the lower levels saturate? If not, will the cold air arrive in time and will there be enough moisture for a switch over from rain to snow?

As of Sunday morning, all forecasting model data suggests, by the time the lower levels saturate, temperatures will be above freezing, so expect rain. As the day progresses and temperatures cool to freezing, rain will switch to a winter mix and then all snow.

How much snow can you expect? Forecasting models agree, the best chance for accumulating snow, less than an inch, will happen in S IL and SE MO.

Noah will have an update, this evening, during WPSD Local 6.