The future of Discovery Park of America

UNION CITY, TN– Within its first five years, the Discovery Park of America brings in 250,000 people to northwest Tennessee a year.

While some are visiting from far away, many are local families.

Scott Williams is the new President and CEO of the center but is no stranger to the area. He’s a native of West Tennessee. He tells us, “I really love the outside part [of the park] because it’s beautiful. I love the sounds around us. I really like the train. I actually live close by here and throughout the day I hear the little kids pulling on the train whistle.”

Before moving back home, Williams was President and Chief Operating Officer of the Newseum in Washington, DC. He’s also worked at Graceland in Memphis, TN. Since he’s use to museums in larger cities, we asked about the financial future of the center. He says, “Discovery Park of America was funded by the Kirkland’s and by the community it’s continued to be funded by generous donations from them and others, but also ticket sales, weddings, and events… It should be very, very easy for this to sustain long term what’s going on here and with all the thousands and thousands of people that will be visiting.”

As for his own plans, Williams says he will be listening and learning. He adds, “I’m going to talk with people in the community, talk to people who work here, talk to those who built it. And it remains to be seen what the future holds. But I know, yes, it will be big whatever it is.”

The former Resident and CEO, James Rippy, is retiring after working on the development and management of the Discovery Park of America.

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