Blue Zones Project aimed to make community healthier, in need of funds

PADUCAH — We all know by now that exercise, diet, and other choices lead to a long, healthy life. Those choices though rely on what’s available.

The Blue Zones Project says that’s where they come in. The group is in its beginning stages of getting Paducah healthy.

They need to raise $400,000 to activate the program. Then, the experts will come into town to meet with city leaders and people like you to see where they can be adding healthier options for our everyday lives.

Eric Romanak wanted to make a change.

“I basically completely neglected my health,” Romanak said. “I realized there was a lot on the line when I had kids and I started to find people that could educate me because I had no idea what I was doing, and most people don’t.”

Now, he’s helping others make that change. He opened up SEVA fitness Paducah, where he teaches a variety of different core and strengthening classes and different types of yoga.

“I have the greatest job in the world, to watch peoples lives get better,” Romanak said. “They get more energy, more focus. Health affects everything. It is the route of our machine.”

Romanak moved to Paducah from Minnesota — where he’s seen the Blue Zones Project apply in his own community.

“I think what the Blue Zones is really going to do is maybe wake the town up a little bit,” Romanak said. “It’s like ‘hey, guys, there’s something a little bit better that we can be doing here’.”

Dr. Evelyn Jones is involved with the project. She says two main goals are to introduce more sidewalks and bike lanes to increase physical activity and highlight healthier food options.

“Mostly looking at people that are in food deserts, have lack of resources, getting access and availability to getting good quality foods in peoples hands. And then how to implement that and disseminate that throughout the community.” Jones said.

Romanak says health should be our number one value.

“Healthy town means healthy people. Healthy people are happy people. It’s a no-brainer to me.” Romanak said.

Click here for more information about the Blue Zones Project.

If you are willing to donate to further to the Blue Zones Project, visit this webpage.

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