FSIS expands ground beef recall to more than 12 million pounds

PADUCAH — A salmonella outbreak has many of you questioning whether it’s safe to buy and eat ground beef.

There’s a recall at the federal level of more than 12 million pounds of ground beef. That’s nearly double the initial recall of more than 6 million.

Alan Hughes and his team at Hughes Market Meat Processing took note of the recall.

“Everything falls in the chain of command where, if they have a recall, they call me and then I get a hold of my customers and get those products recalled. It’s all pretty well on a system right now,” Hughes said.

Hughes owns and operates the West Paducah Meat Market. While the recall does not affect them, he says they do have a pretty extensive system in place to make sure you get product that’s safe to eat.

“We have to have contact numbers — who we call, who has contact with us, who we buy from,” Hughes said.

There are a few things you can do to make sure the meat you buy is safe to eat. In addition to throwing away recalled products, health experts say you should always cook raw meat to a safe internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Lindsey Cunningham with the McCracken County Health Department says prevention of foodborne illness starts before purchase.

“You should check to see if it needs to be thrown away or if it is associated with a possible outbreak. Not just salmonella, but e. coli or shigella or anything like that,” Cunningham said.

Back at Hughes Market, Alan Hughes says — while they’re glad they don’t have any recalls — they’ll continue to inspect every batch to make sure the product you buy is fresh and, most of all, safe to eat.

For a full list of affected products, click here.

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