Cause of early morning Mayfield house fire still unknown

MAYFIELD, KY — We’re hearing from neighbors after fire broke out at a two-story house in Mayfield.

The Mayfield fire chief said first responders got a call around 1 a.m. Wednesday. When they arrived, the fire had spread throughout the building. One neighbor worried he might lose his home, too.

Fire hoses and a pile of debris with smoke still rising from the ashes beneath it. It was all that’s left of a place some people in Mayfield called home.

“Walked out of the bedroom, and looked across the street and the house was on fire,” Stephen Phillips said.

Phillips lives across the street from where the fire happened. When he realized what was happening, he captured video on his phone.

“I was just wondering if there was anybody in there, because there’s always people living there — and I didn’t see anybody that would’ve came out,” Phillips said.

As the situation played out on the other side of the street, Phillips said he didn’t know if his home was free from danger.

“Sparks could land over here and catch our place on fire. I take care of a guy who is mentally challenged, and I had him up and dressed just in case we had to get out of here quick,” Phillips said.

Jeremy Hosford also woke up to the fire before it engulfed his neighbor’s home.

“When the fire got bigger, I could feel the heat coming through my window,” Hosford said.

Free from harm and his house untouched, Phillips said he can’t imagine how those who lost their home are feeling after this devastating loss.

“God bless them, and I hope everything works out for them,” Phillips said.

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