Road crews pre-treat roads for potential snow

PADUCAH — For the next few days, Keith Ballard and workers with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be behind the wheel. The threat of snow has them out treating roads with brine.

“I don’t remember having an event to where we was having to put brine down that early,” says Ballard.

Ballard says it’s unusual for them to be pre-treating roads for snow for a second time this early in December. It’s forcing them to continually make brine at their filling station to have enough.

“We’re replacing as they are using, so we try to keep up with it,” says Ballard.

Ballard says the pre-treatment helps prepare for the work that comes after the snow falls, when they have to use plow trucks to scrape the snow and ice off the roads.

“Sometimes people wake up in the morning and they say ‘Oh, the roads are clear,’ but we had been out plowing and salting everything,” says Ballard.

Drivers we spoke with who will have to get out in the snow say they’re grateful for the work that road crews do.

“I’m glad that they’re pre-treating the roads now, but living in the back way, we may get it treated or not,” says driver Sonya Larka.

Some people know firsthand what road crews go through in bad weather.

“I have a few friends actually out there who are going to be out there doing that, and all I can do is salute to them, because I know that’s a hard job,” says Devyn Hayes.

Ballard says they are ready for whatever weather comes their way.

“We can get it down. We try and keep the traveling public safe as we can,” says Ballard.

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