One act of kindness per day to spread holiday cheer

PADUCAH — How many acts of kindness do you think you can do for a stranger? Local leaders are inviting you to take one act of kindness a day.

They launched the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness on Dec. 11. The campaign will run through Dec. 22.

“You’ve been paid for by a secret shopper that came in and paid $50,” a cashier said.

“Oh really?” Marni Parker replied.

“Your card was only charged $11.83,” the cashier said.

“Well that’s nice. It is!” Parker said.

That secret shopper was Frank Bennett. He is taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness.

“For 12 consecutive days, each person who is doing this does one nice thing for someone in our community,” Bennett said. “It’s on me.”

Wednesday, he paid for a stranger’s groceries.

Parker didn’t get to meet Bennett, but she said his act of kindness inspired her.

“That’s super nice,” Parker said. “It just makes me want to go out. I have an extra bit of money now. Now, I can go ahead and give it to someone else.”

You don’t need to spend money to spread kindness. You can do something as simple as opening a door for someone.

Joel Cauley is a pastor at Relevant Church in Paducah. He’s trying to inspire his congregation to take part in the program.

He also made an act of kindness Wednesday.

“I want to pay for your gas today, if you’ll let me,” Cauley said.

“Really? Would you?” the recipient said.

He said he would.

“Well, awesome!,” they said. “Thank you!”

A gas tank is not the only only thing you can fill with an act of kindness, but a heart as well.

“Our Christmas service is Dec. 23,” Cauley said. “We wanted people to, if they could, to bring the cards back there, so we could kind of stack them up and see the initiative and the impact that it had across our community in the last 12 days.”

It’s a kind gesture that can make a difference this holiday season and beyond.

To download the list of ideas and the tracking card for the acts of kindness, click here.

The Christmas service will start at 10 a.m. on Dec. 23 in the Paducah Tilghman High School auditorium.

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