In preliminary hearing, detective says Doom shot 3 victims a total of 54 times

In this Jan. 3, 2019, photo, Jackie Doom appears for a preliminary hearing in Livingston County. Doom is accused of murdering three people in December.

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY — We’re learning more about the events investigators say led up to the deaths of three people last month in Livingston County, Kentucky.

Jackie Doom is accused of shooting and killing January Stone, Robert Belt Jr. and Johnny Mallory on Dec. 21.

Doom’s attorney, Don Thomas, says the shooting was in self defense, claiming the three sold drugs to Doom’s pregnant wife — which led to the miscarriage of his child. Thomas says Doom was in “extreme emotional distress.”

In this Jan. 3, 2019, photo, Kentucky State Police Detective David Dick testifies at a preliminary hearing for David Doom, accused of triple homicide in Livingston County.

During Doom’s preliminary hearing Thursday in Livingston County, the commonwealth called Kentucky State Police Detective David Dick as its first witness. Dick testified that Doom shot the three a total of 54 times.

“He said there was a short, brief time where they exchanged words, and he feared for his life as he claims one of the males actually made a movement, at which he thought he was reaching for a weapon.” the detective testified. “At this time, Mr. Doom stated that he discharged his firearm at the male and then shot the other male and the female. Throughout his statement, Mr. Doom then said that he reloaded the weapon and continued to discharge the firearm at the three individuals.”

Dick said autopsy reports show Stone had 11 bullet wounds, Mallory had 19 and Belt had 24. He said Doom used an AR-15 style rifle to shoot them, and investigators believe he was using a bump stock.

The judge handed the case over to the grand jury Thursday. The grand jury will meet in the next 60 days.

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