The I Am Local 6 stories that moved and inspired us in 2018

From a Marshall Strong community to one student’s new outlook on life, a yodeling youngster, a backwards speller, and a young girl who loves giving gifts — These are just some of the people who encapsulated the spirit of I Am Local 6 in 2018.

As we kick off the new year, Local 6’s Todd Faulkner takes us on a quick look back at the stories that moved and inspired us.

It’s this week’s I Am Local 6.

I Am Local 6: Community shows support, love for Marshall County

Absolute tragedy at Marshall County High School at the start of 2018 revealed just how much love we’re all capable of showing in times of sadness. We witnessed countless displays of support for those affected and their families.

The Marshall Strong movement blanketed our entire region and the country. Bracelets were delivered by the box full only to sell out within hours. T-shirts were printed and bought by the thousands.

That movement was followed by a heartfelt show of support organized by Christina Ellegood.

I Am Local 6: Christina Ellegood collects notebooks for healing

Christina Ellegood and Catherine Seaton Humphrey prepare to give notebooks to Marshall County High School students on May 8, 2018.

She survived the Heath High School shooting in the late 90s, but her sister, Nicole Hadley, was killed.

Christina says talking with survivors of the Marshall County and Heath shootings helped her come up with the idea to collect notebooks for every student, teacher, and faculty member at Marshall County. Each contained a letter from other survivors of mass shootings.

We also witnessed the moment a Lone Oak Middle School class chipped in to buy a special pair of glasses for their classmate.

I Am Local 6: Students surprise classmate with colorblind glasses

Carson Bradford is colorblind, but those glasses help him see colors the way everyone else does.

He had no clue they had been planning the gift.

“Is this like what all of y’all see?” he said after putting on the glasses. “Woah! Woah!”

I Am Local 6: Local boy yodels his way to national attention

Mason Ramsey — better known as the little yodeler or “Walmart yodel boy” millions online — impressed us with this skill.

We heard from him firsthand in 2018.

“I’ve always wanted to yodel, because it was always sounded cool to me, so I tried it. And the first time I tried it, it was like that,” Mason said with a snap of his fingers. “Like butter on bread.”

I Am Local 6: Norris McElmurry’s unusual gift carries a message of simplicity

In Burna, Kentucky, we discovered Norris McElmurry.

His unique talent? Spelling backwards.

“s-s-a-r-g n-e-e-r-g e-h-t h-g-u-o-r-h-t e-h-t d-i-l-s e-k-a-n-s y-e-r-p-p-i-l-s e-h-t”

It’s a gift you have to hear to believe.

Something different that surely made us smile.

I Am Local 6: Madison Gamble’s birthday wish is collecting toys for St. Jude

One of the collection bins is at J-MACK BBQ in Murray.

And Madison Gamble reminded us that it’s better to give than to receive.

To celebrate her then upcoming 8th birthday, she collected toys to donate to kids receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

2018 was a year full of interesting people, groups and movements that remind us the Local 6 area we all call home is pretty amazing, and we should all be proud to say I Am Local 6.

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