Georgia mother says child’s body exhumed, taken to Kentucky, without permission

(WFIE) — A mother in Georgia says her child’s body was exhumed without her permission by her ex-husband and taken to Hawesville, Kentucky.

It all started on Dec. 21 when the body of Wesley Newton was exhumed from his grave in Macon, Georgia.

When Carin Manusuthakis learned that her son’s body had been taken, she says she could not believe it.

Wesley had been buried in Macon for 27 years. He passed away shortly after he was born.

“Why would anyone do this? This child has been buried for 27 years, resting peacefully in a cemetery buried with other family members,” Manusuthakis says.

Kentucky State Police investigators say the child’s father, Steven Newton, had the body exhumed, picked it up from a funeral home on Dec. 21 and brought to Hawesville. There, it was kept in the garage of local magistrate L.T. Newton, the child’s grandfather.

“This is unchartered for us,” says Corey King with Kentucky State Police. “Eighteen years of working in service work like this, I have never experienced a complaint or call like this.”

Manusuthakis says she believes the permits Newton used to obtain the body were fraudulent.