App of the day: Fantastical 2 combines data from your different calendars

Do you use the stock iPhone calendar on your phone? Or do you use the Google Calendar which incorporates invites sent through Gmail? Or do you use Microsoft’s Outlook on your desktop computer? Or do you use them all?

Truth be told, we use the calendar app that’s most convenient and close at hand. But, as you know, that can cause you to miss an appointment or get three notifications at the same time. Among the dozen or so calendar apps in the App Store, one seems to stand about the rest.

Fantastical 2 has been around for a while, but you may have missed it because it costs money.

The app aggregates all of the dates and reminders and appointments no matter which calendar you use initially. If someone sends an invite through Gmail, all of that information is gathered by Fantastical 2. The same goes for events and additions to the stock calendar app on iPhones and iPads.

Other apps, including Gmail, do similar things but what I like about Fantastical 2 is it understands the way I talk. I don’t have to say “set a calendar event for Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m.” and wait for the app to ask me what appointment I want to make. With Fantastical 2, I say it
the same way I’d talk to a friend. “I have a lunch meeting with Tom at noon Thursday.”

Fantastical 2 understands what I say and puts it in context. On my calendar, it simply shows “Lunch with Tom” under Thursday’s noon time-slot.

Fantastical 2 handles reminders as well by saying “set a reminder”, or “remind me to”. When I make a shopping list, Fantastical 2 will send a notification to remind me to stop and pick up the things on my list “WHEN I DRIVE BY THE STORE!” I never forget to stop and bring home a gallon of milk.

There’s also an Apple Watch version of the app which shows my daily schedule and will send the same notifications I get on my phone. The only downsides are there’s no Android version, and if you want to use the app on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll need to buy them separately.

The iPhone version is $1.99, the iPad version is $2.99. There’s also a version for the Mac, which is $24.99.

Sure, I use other calendar apps on my phone and my computer for convenience sake, but I always come back to Fantastical 2.