Phone scam making its way through West Kentucky, again

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — The Graves County Sheriff’s Office is warning people to be on alert for a phone scam, again.

The scam has been making its way through the West Kentucky area and several people had fallen victim to it. Here is how it goes:

The scammer calls and says he is Captain Jeremy Prince with the Graves County Sheriff’s Office. He says the person he has called has an active warrant in Graves County, but the warrant will be dropped if a fine is paid.

The victim is then asked to buy and put money on a reloadable card, such as a MoneyGram or Green Dot, and to give the scammer the numbers on the back of the card. The scammer is then able to take all the money off the card.

The scammer has recently been calling from 270-356-8168, but that number could change.

The Graves County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people that they will never ask for any type of payment to have a warrant dismissed.