IDOT prepares for possible winter storm

CARBONDALE,IL — Southern Illinois is getting ready for the possibility of another big snowfall.

So far, it’s been a mild winter. The Illinois Department of Transportation is treating roads ahead of wintry weather forecast for Friday night and Saturday. Drivers said they’re going to be driving much more carefully.

IDOT might be ready for snow, but some drivers may need a little bit more time. Ezra Oetting has to drive to Belleville Friday. He said he is going to take it slow.

“I really don’t let the other people that are driving behind me dictate how fast I drive. I just go my own speed, so I don’t get in an accident or anything,” said Oetting.

IDOT District 9 Operations Engineer Keith Miley said the agency feels prepared for whatever the day brings.

“We are making sure our equipment is in good shape. We are organizing our manpower so that we are able to work two shifts if necessary, and it looks like it will be necessary for this event,” said Miley.

The district has plenty of supplies

“I think we have more salt on hand right now than we used all last winter season. As far as our chemical goes, we are in good shape. Our trucks are ready to go. Our people are ready to go,” said Miley.

Oetting suggests other drivers take it easy on the gas.

“Drive the best you can. Don’t try to speed. If you have to be somewhere at a certain time, leave earlier than normal. Just be cautious,” said Oetting.

IDOT plans to send night shift workers home Friday morning, so they can rest and be ready for the weekend.