Mayor reacts to Veterans Day Parade flag issue back on city commission agenda

PADUCAH — Paducah’s mayor is back in town, and is now sharing her reaction to a controversial topic recently put back on the city commission’s agenda.

Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless believes they can overcome what appears to be a rocky start to the New Year.

“It’s definitely not dysfunctional. It’s democracy,” says Harless.

Mayor Harless wasn’t at Tuesday’s meeting with the new Paducah City Commission. In her place was Mayor Pro Tem Richard Abraham, who brought up the controversial topic of allowing all flags — including the Confederate flag — to fly in the Paducah Veterans Day Parade. That’s something the city has not allowed since passing a resolution back in 2017.

“I mean, I am willing to have a conversation about most things, and there must be something there,” says Harless. “I have not talked to Commissioner Abraham. I don’t know his intention. I don’t know why he brought it back up again. I know nothing.”

Harless says: “I mean, I am not upset with him. You know, I sat in a room with him and three other elected leaders on Saturday, and we all talked about how we wanted to work together. I’m disappointed. I don’t think he did it maliciously. So, that’s why we’re going to have a conversation. We are all representing the entire city, so whether we have white, black, dark skin, whatever it may be, it’s our job to hear our citizens and to hear what they want to see happen.”

Harless says she’s been texting with Abraham to schedule a time to meet face to face.

The Paducah City Commission will meet again publicly on Jan. 22 where they plan to continue the discussion on the Veterans Day Parade Resolution.