Volunteers pick up trash at Land Between the Lakes while the government is shut down


LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES, Ky. — A small group of volunteers gathered today at the Kentucky Lake Scenic Road at Land Between the Lakes to pick up trash. It’s all a part of a monthly program Friends of LBL does.

“It kind of reflects the whole area and public around here,” says Shane Luecke.

Luecke is one of the volunteers that came out to pick up trash. He says he wanted to get outside and come help clean up a place he likes to visit. 

“Needed some exercise and thought maybe I’d come and help the LBL friends and clean up around here,” says Luecke.

This isn’t the first time volunteers with Friends of LBL have come out to pick up trash in recent weeks though. Due to the government shut down, trash hasn’t been picked up in weeks. Friends of LBL Executive Director Aviva Yasgur says they have helped make sure LBL can still be enjoyed even while the government is shut down.

“We’ve actually had volunteers coming out to all sorts of different places at Land Between the Lakes kind of on their own picking up garbage to try and fill in those gaps due to the shut down,” says Yasgure.

More information about Friends of LBL trash pick up can found at their website.