Sen. Rand Paul re-introduces his Government Shutdown Prevention Act

We’re now on day 27 of the partial government shutdown and U.S. Senator Rand Paul wants to keep it from happening again.

Paul is re-introducing the Government Shutdown Prevention Act that he claims will hold Congress accountable for putting so much stress on American families.

Due to the shutdown more than 800,000 government workers are currently without a paycheck.

The plan would make a one percent cut to then-current funding levels for any agency, program, and activity that Congress fails to fund by the start of the fiscal year, which is October 1.

Funding would then drop by another one percent every 90 days Congress doesn’t agree on a deal.

That mean agencies know, even in the worst case scenario, they will always be operating with a full year of funding at no less than 96% of their then-current levels.

When re-introducing his plan, Paul had this to say on Twitter, “No matter where one stands on the debate over government spending, we should all be able to agree that Congress needs to handle Americans’ money thoughtfully and hit its deadlines.”

This is the second time Paul had pushed for this measure, he first introduced it last year following a short shutdown in January.

You can read the full bill for yourself, by clicking here.