People react to Gov. Bevin’s comments about canceling school for cold weather

PADUCAH — It all started on the radio. In an interview with WHAS, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin questioned districts canceling school due to cold weather.

“Again, now we cancel school because it’s cold,” Bevin said during the radio interview.

Bevin even went so far as to say this is part of a growing trend in America.

“What happens to America? We’re getting soft,” Bevin said.

The governor did say he thinks it’s better to err on the side of caution, and that he was being slightly facetious, but that didn’t stop NBC’s Al Roker from slamming Bevin on “Today.”

“By the way, I just have to say this nitwit governor from Kentucky, saying oh we’re weak — these kids who are going to be in sub zero chills. No. Cancel school. Stop it,” said Roker.

Debbie Burge says she didn’t agree with the governor at all.

“A lot of kids have to wait for the bus in the morning in the cold, so I just though it was very immature and selfish somewhat,” Burge says.

Carol Draffen and her granddaughter hadn’t herd the comments from Bevin, but after listening, she says she agrees with the governor.

“I think kids go to school enough as it is. They’re out for everything. I went to school in the 50s the 60s, we didn’t get out of school,” Draffen says.

Even people from out of town heard about the governors comments.

“I think it is. They are getting a little soft today,” says Janet Galbach.

Galbach is from Indianapolis and in Paducah for a business meeting. She says people were discussing the governors comments in the meeting.

“They were all saying that’s pretty crazy that schools were closed today,” says Galbach.

Earlier Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton liked a tweet that was critical of the governor’s comment. The lieutenant governor’s office later unliked the tweet and said it was a mistake. We reached out to the governors office for a comment, but never heard back. Bevin did make an appearance on Fox News where he defended his comment.

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