Officials warn of infections caused by vaccinations given in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WRTV) — Health officials are warning people of infections associated with vaccinations given in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio since September 2018.

Kentucky Department of Public Health officials said individuals with infections have experienced redness, pain or tenderness, swelling and development of hard lumps, or nodules at the inject site.

The vaccinations were given by Location Vaccination.

So far, health officials are aware of vaccines given in Columbus and Medora, Doug Hogan with the department of health said, but noted there could be more locations.

Without medical care, health officials say the infections will not get better. Symptoms may not start until 12 weeks or more after receiving the vaccination.

“If you received vaccine from this provider, we strongly encourage you to consider getting another round to ensure you are fully immunized and not at risk for contracting illness,” Dr. Jeff Howard, Kentucky Department of Health commissioner, said in a press release. “We believe negative side effects associated with this investigation to be linked to improper storage and handling of the vaccine. We want to emphasize that there is no evidence to suggest that there is an issue with the vaccine supply.”

Howard said the provider has stopped vaccinating and there is no continuing risk to the public.

Health officials are asking any business in a city not listed below and believe Location Vaccination, or anyone representing them, provided vaccinations to employees to call 502-564-3418 and notify their employees immediately.

The following list of locations is where health officials know the vaccinations were given so far, but Hogan said there could be more locations:

Columbus, IN
Medora, IN

Alexandria, KY
Butler, KY
Georgetown, KY
Lexington, KY
Louisville, KY
Paris, KY
Maysville, KY
Mt. Sterling, KY
Winchester, KY

Greenville, OH
Dayton, OH
Georgetown, OH
Norwood, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Circleville, OH
St. Bernard, OH
Pike County, OH
Beech Hollow, OH
Mansfield, OH

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