McCracken County Schools superintendent talks investigations into faculty members

MCCRACKEN COUNTY — A second faculty member at a local school is under investigation for misconduct. That information comes just one day after the former athletic director at McCracken County High School resigned.

We first told you about the investigation into Kris Garrett on Wednesday.

Thursday, Superintendent Brian Harper could only confirm someone else is under investigation, not who they are. We do know that employee is suspended with pay, which is in keeping with the district’s policy.

Harper told us the investigations don’t involve any current students. He also says the district waited until now to talk about the investigations because officials wanted to be careful. “In those situations, I work with the board attorney on when we should give information out. A lot of times, that can impede an investigation — especially by the sheriff’s department, and they ask for you not to do anything so they do get to the bottom of a situation as quick as possible,” he said.

“With that being said, making sure that we are able to get information that they need to them, but we always go with the advice of the sheriff’s department to not impede on any investigation, and notifying parents could impede,” Harper said.

Harper also told us his staff constantly discusses policy and procedure, because of the ever-changing technology and social media platforms students use.

“With all of our staff, we want positive relationships with students, so building that trust factor, there is a fine line. It should be relevant to educational purposes, especially if it’s through phone usage, and we do have those conversations. Being very careful with social media, the nature of you’re the contacts that you’re communicating with our students. That is how students communicate, and that’s something we have to be aware of,” Harper said.

We did file an open records request with the school system to get a copy of Garrett’s personnel file. We do have that file and are in the process of going through it.