Court documents paint gruesome picture of Murray double murder

MURRAY, KY — Neighbors found one body and police found the other following a double murder in a peaceful neighborhood along Catalina Drive in Murray, Kentucky.

Court documents say Shannon Scott killed his girlfriend and the woman she was taking care of. He’s not only charged with two counts of murder, he is also facing second degree animal cruelty, first degree burglary, and tampering with physical evidence.

Many of you have asked why WPSD hasn’t released the victims’ names. I spoke to Scott’s girlfriend’s sister who told me not all the family knows about the death yet. Because of this we will be waiting to release their names.

The man who discovered Scott’s girlfriend’s body and called police told investigators he came home late Thursday night and found her dead near his garage door. 

Court documents show the girlfriend was living at the house next door to the garage where she was found. There, she was taking care of the other victim, who had Alzheimer’s disease.

The arrest warrant paints a gruesome picture of what may have happened on the night of the murders. It shows the girlfriend was stabbed inside her home, then ran to her neighbor’s home for help, leaving a trail of blood from the front door to the garage where she died. The documents show the girlfriend was stabbed multiple times. When police learned the girlfriend lived next door to where her body was found, they went to her home and saw blood outside. When officers went inside, they discovered the second victim’s body sitting in a chair. Her throat had been slashed.

Investigators say they searched the home and found the suspect, Shannon Scott, standing in the bathroom with blood on his hands. 

Karen Armstorng lives across the street from the crime scene. 

“I didn’t know anything until my son-in-law called me this morning and said that there was a double murder on this street,” says Armstrong.

Armstrong says she’s lived in the area for more than 30 years. She says it’s a community where neighbors can count on each other.

“If anything goes wrong, if anything happens, they’re right here,” says Armstrong. “You know, we take care of each other if something goes wrong.”

Armstrong says she knows her neighborhood is safe, but the situation is unsettling. “It is scary, because I know it can happen anywhere,” she says.

Investigators believe Scott forced his way into the home to hurt the two women. Court documents show police also found one of the victim’s dogs dead in a trash can. It had been strangled to death.

Investigators say Scott tried to hide the murders by mopping and trying to wash away evidence in a shower in the home. Police say they found a knife in kitchen with blood and hair on it.

An arraignment hearing for Scott is scheduled for Monday morning.