How much data do you really need?

Your family’s cellphone bill can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. The feature that costs the most is, of course, data. Here’s how to check if you are spending too much.

There are some new cellphone companies out there offering data plans for $25 a month, which is a lot less than you’re probably paying now. But, if you look at the fine print, $25 a month is for 8 or 10 GB per month.

Still good but how many GB do you need?

In the video above, we are going to find out and we are going to illustrate it using Girl Scout cookies.

Think of it like this: Each cookie represents 1 GB. We are going to start with 10. An hour of Facebook is around 95 MBs. Using Facebook just one hour a day adds up to 3 GBs a month.

Browsing the internet is about the same, so that’s another 3 GB.

When streaming video, like movies on Netflix or watching YouTube, every 1 hour is 1 GB.

So, one movie on Netflix is 3 GBs. Another hour of YouTube is 1 GB, so that’s 4 GB per month for those two.

We are all out of cookies.

Streaming music is a little over 50 MB, or about 1 GB per month. Uploading photos to Instagram or Facebook, playing online games, using Google Maps? That’s an additional, we’ll say, 3 GB per month.

All together, that’s over 11 GB. That’s being very conservative, and 10 GB may be enough for some people. But, if you add your spouse and two kids, that’s going to add up to a lot more money — and you won’t have any cookies left in the box.

These numbers are sourced using an online data calculator from Verizon and the Netflix website.