Ordering a pet online turns into stolen money and life threatening messages


MAYFIELD, KY — Online shopping can be affordable, quick and convenient — but sometimes it can be misleading.

Tina Snyder was wanting to add another pet to her family — but instead, her money was stolen, her pet never arrived and she started getting life-threatening messages.

“If I could, I’d have all kinds of animals,” Snyder said.

That’s why Snyder was looking for another pet to add to her family… more specifically, this African grey parrot.

“When I lived in Michigan I had a parrot which I loved I had it for almost 25 years,” Snyder said.

She went to this website: petmovers.com, which said it was based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

“They contacted me through messenger,” Snyder said.

They spoke for a couple of days. Snyder said they built a relationship.

“I paid $250 to have the bird shipped. She said she heard from the company and needed to check my inbox,” Snyder said. “They wanted me to send $500 more.”

Those were red flags.

“I was like no I’m not sending no more money,” Snyder said.

Then she got messages saying that they knew where she lived, and they were going to come to her house and kill her.

Mayfield Police Officer David Townsend says people easily fall for scams.

“Always check with us if you have a question of a transaction over the internet or someone calls you on the phone, always call the police if you ever have any suspicions,” Townsend said.

He also recommends using websites like Amazon or eBay, because they verify their sellers.

“I think, go to the shelters,” Snyder said.

Snyder says this mistake is going to cost her, she will not be getting that money back.

If you come across a scam, go to your local police department, or report it to ic3.gov.

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