Paducah drivers prepare for potential wintry weather

PADUCAH — Friday’s potential winter weather could make driving conditions difficult. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says state crews won’t be able to pretreat roads because of rain that could come before the winter mix.

Tommy Meyer has been a truck driver for 42 years. He’s driven in all conditions, but he says ice is the most difficult. “Ice is terrible. It’s the worst thing you can drive on,” says Meyer.

Mayer says ice often makes roads too dangerous.

“If it gets bad, I pull over. I don’t chance it. It’s not worth it,” says Meyer.

Keith Todd with the transportation cabinet says the winter weather we might get Friday will be tough to deal with.

“It really limits the ability of our crews to do much to improve driving conditions, so everyone needs to be aware that we got freezing rain coming at us,” Todd says.

Todd says interstates can be very problematic in icy conditions. People traveling through might not know winter weather is on its way and be surprised by the slick roads.

Some people say the ice doesn’t bother them.

“I’m just going to do like I normally do. I’m not just going to stay at home,” says Robert Gerue.

Gerue lives in Paducah, but he used to live in Chicago. He says the key to driving in winter weather is slowing down.

“Everybody is in a big hurry instead of slowing down. Do what you got to do,” says Gerue.

The transportation cabinet will have crews ready to treat roads if they become slick.

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