People in Rives, Tennessee, worry their town might flood again


RIVES, TN — The next round of heavy rain could cause flash flooding throughout the Local 6 region. Less than a week ago, most of Rives, Tennessee, was under water, and people who live there are worried it might happen again later this week.

“It got about 3 feet deep around our entire yard,” says Micheal Buckner.

Buckner’s yard was under water last week. He says flooding is typical in Rives, but last week was the worst he’s seen it. It got so bad that Buckner had to use a boat to get in and out of his house.

“You can see the lines right there. It was about 6 to 8 inches from the top of the underpinning,” says Buckner.

With more heavy rain in the forecast, Rives is preparing for more flooding.

“Nobody’s happy when water gets in their house,” says Rives Mayor Lester Burnes.

Burnes says there isn’t a whole lot they can do to prepare for a flooding event like they had last week.

“We just hope that the river won’t be up at the same time the rain water gets here, because it takes both of them to really damage us,” says Burnes.

Buckner still has the boat tied to his front porch in case of any flooding they might get later in the week. He says they’re as prepared as they can be at this point.

“We’ll have to make the same preparations we have already done, but we’re pretty much already prepared for it, since it just happened,” Buckner says.

It really all depends on the nearby creek that runs close to Rives. The Obion River flows into it, and if levels get high enough, water will flow all the way into town. Currently, Rives is putting in culverts to try and prevent flooding from happening in the future.

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