McCracken County HS students react to allegations against faculty and student

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — For the first time students are reacting to the allegations and charges against McCracken County High School faculty members and a student. Parents and students say it’s hard to believe something like this could even be alleged at their school.

“We hate it for everyone who is not involved, and it does hurt a little,” says McCracken County High Senior Conner Kelly.

Kelly says there has been a lot of talk at school over the past couple of weeks about the investigations. Still, he says when charges were announced today, it was hard to believe.

“It was unexpected, yeah, just because, yeah, you just you think everyone is good around here, and you just hate to see it,” says Kelly.

Students aren’t the only ones shocked by the allegations.

“Wow, you know small-town school you would think that we’d have a little better upstanding you know in the world,” says Donald Panaire.

Pinaire’s son is a sophomore at McCracken County High. He says there should be high standards for school faculty.

“We send our kids to these schools with people that we hope to trust,” says Pinaire.

Pinaire says he hopes the truth comes out in full in the investigations.

“The facts need to be found, the facts need to come out and let people know about them, you know, we tend to make hasty decisions when we panic or we hear bad news,” says Pinaire.

Kelly says despite the allegations, he believes McCracken High is still a good school.

“The handful of people that are involved, that shouldn’t reflect all the great teachers we have here, and I hope that doesn’t stain our reputation,” says Kelly.

He says he hopes everyone can get past this tough time.

“You just gotta’ pray for everyone, and just like I said, come together as a school,” says Kelly.

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