McCracken County families stack sandbags ahead of flooding

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Water levels continue to rise across McCracken County. Paducah has installed floodgates along the flood wall, but the Ohio River has risen to the point to where water is touching the floodgates. Some people are even having to deal with flooding around their homes.

“People just have to deal with it,” says Tylene Woodford. She lives close to the Clarks River, and says she’s used to filling up sandbags.

“I’m thankful we’ve got neighbors to help,” says Woodford.

Woodford says she has to deal with flooding at her home quite often.

“In 2011, 11 inches got in our house,” says Woodford.

On Firday, Woodford and her family spent the day filling and stacking sandbags to keep water from getting in their house this time. She says she’s watched the water get closer to her house every day this week.

“I’ve been marking it and everything like that every day, and it’s coming up. It comes up past my mark at least 2 or 3 feet a day,” says Woodford.

Woodford isn’t the only one dealing with flooding. Antonio Prince lives on Old Benton Road, where he cares for his 83-year-old mother. He says his home is already being affected by water. “It’s under the house now, and it’s getting even higher, so and I don’t know when it going to quit,” says Prince.

Prince says he’s had to deal with flooding a lot, and he’s had enough. “I’m doing the best I can do and I’m trying to get everything, a lot of things moved out. We can’t handle this anymore. It just, like, it gets higher and higher every year,” Prince says.

Woodford says she hopes something will be done to help prevent this from happening in the future.

“Anything would help — build a levy or something,” she says.

In the meantime she’ll have to stick with sandbags.

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