After major flooding in Murray, officials say people are not in the clear yet

MURRAY, KY — Calloway County Emergency Management says people in the area are not in the clear, despite water on flooded roads going down.

“With it being dark we’re afraid they’ll come up on water cover roads,” said  Jeff Sten, deputy director of Calloway Emergency Management, “and before they know [it], they’ll drive into debris, and perhaps lose control of the car.”

Lil Courtney says some of her neighbors tried to drive through their flooded driveways and roads at Southwood Drive in Murray.

Neighbors took photos of Murray Fire and Rescue near their homes with flooding water.

“It came almost halfway up my driveway,” Courtney said, “and out to the field, in the whole city park, all of that was completely filled up.”

Some of her neighbors on were stuck in their homes until the water came down. Murray Fire and Rescue came to evacuate other homes around her, further up the street, on Northwood Drive as well.

Calloway County Emergency Management says they expect some trees down tonight and this morning with high winds coming in.

“Slow down, pay attention to your driving.” Sten said. “We really don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Fire and Rescue had to help someone from a car earlier that day, after they tried to go through standing water.

Calloway County has crews on standby through the night prepared for tree damage and drivers stuck in water.