Governor visits Livingston County to assess flooding damage

SMITHLAND, KY — The flooding in Livingston County is so bad, the governor came in town to get a look at what’s happening.

Gov. Matt Bevin took Livingston County Emergency Management officials and others up in a helicopter to assess the damage of flooding in Smithland. He wants to make sure that the community will get the resources they need, and says he can help expedite that process. 

The governor says he was proud to be a Kentuckian on Tuesday. Local 6 told him that it means a lot to all of the hard-working people that he came down to say hello, listen to their stories and thank them for the hard work they’re doing and will continue to do — to make sure the flooding in Smithland doesn’t get any worse.

As of right now — crews and volunteers will be working all night to keep adding to the walls of sandbags along the river and to stay ahead of the river crest.

Livingston County schools announced a couple of hours ago that classes will be in session Wednesday — but if you live in a flooded area and are not able to get there, contact the school.