McCracken County Schools leaders silent on training on reporting criminal incidents

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — District leaders are refusing to speak with us after they originally agreed to allow us in a training with school administrators on how to report criminal incidents. While school leaders won’t talk, county leaders voiced confidence in the training that happened Tuesday.

In a news conference almost a week ago, Sheriff Matt Carter addressed criminal allegations within McCracken County Public Schools. Superintendent Brian Harper promised you safer schools for your children, but after school leaders initially agreed to let us show you the introductory portion of Tuesday’s training — which they told us would not involve sensitive information — they backed out.

County Attorney Sam Clymer was at that training event. He said it was very productive, and he believes it will help school leaders keep students safe.

“On a personal level, I don’t like the fact that it took this type of event to transpire to get us to this discussion, but at the same time we’re having a very important discussion — and people that need to know are being instructed on what is a critical component of their duties,” Clymer said.

Day 1 down, with more training scheduled for Wednesday.

School district spokeswoman Jayme Jones released a statement about why Local 6 was barred from the training introduction.

It reads:

“On February 26, district and school officials from the McCracken County School District attended a training with Lotus Intervention Program Director, Grace Stewart; McCracken County Sheriff, Matt Carter; and McCracken County Attorney, Sam Clymer. Due to the content of the training and to protect students and our schools, the training was not open to the public.

“District officials considered allowing the media to attend at least a portion of the training, but as the meeting unfolded, scenarios involving actual student information were discussed.  It was decided that media presence would have compromised student privacy and the integrity of the very important discussions that took place.”

Local 6 news department managers take issue with her characterization of the issue within the statement.

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