Neighborhood in McCracken County accessible only by boat

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY—  Ed Anthony can usually be found hunting on his 400 acres of land, but Tuesday, his front yard is under 5 feet of water.

“I’ve lived here 30 years, and it flooded in 2011,” Anthony said, “And now were back here at…’19, and it’s flooding again, so how many times is it going to do this?”

Most of his neighbors on Husband Road near the intersection of Kreb Station Road are gone, but some people are staying behind to protect what is theirs. “It’s not fun. Your power goes out. You have to boat out if you want to go to lunch,” Anthony said.

The McCracken County Emergency Management Rescue Division says it’s never easy to watch people become homeless.

“We are all volunteers, but that’s our pay,” said Rescue Division Chief Edward Duff. “A lot of gratification for helping someone who’s down and out, less fortunate than we are.

The rescue division went on three water missions Tuesday morning alone.

“It only goes with the responsibility of being a human being here on earth,” Duff said.

Anthony is taking out his personal boat as often as he can to help deliver supplies and drop people off to their water flooded doorsteps. He said he’ll protect his home as long as he can.

“I have the option of not being here, so you just have to take what you get.”