Neighbors helping people who stayed behind in flooded homes

McCRACKEN COUNTY, KY– Flood 2019 has brought struggles for many local families in our area. For some on Husband Road, they now need a boat to get to their front steps.

Nicole Dobb’s mom is stuck in her house right now near Lydon Road. “It’s just hard for me to know I can’t do nothing,” Dobb said. “She can’t even go to work.”

Dobb and her friend tie the boat to the back of a four-wheeler to get to Dobb’s mother.


She can get to her mother’s house through a small man-made pathway through someone’s backyard.

Dobb and a friend tied a boat to a four wheeler and dragged it to the waters edge.  Before they could sail off, they found a hole in the bottom. A neighbor lent them a boat and they paddled across the water.

“She has two dogs,” Dobb said,”we took them across the road so they can use the bathroom.”

Dobb says no matter what it takes, getting to her mom is her top priority.

“It was really not much I could do, you know,” Dobb said, “but I did what I could.”

People are checking their houses everyday for any theft and surveying damage.

Neighbors are measuring the water depths and they saw the water go down about six inches Wednesday. People in the area say they’re staying to save their homes and protect their belongings from potential thieves.

Local law enforcement is patrolling the area and rescue teams continue to check on people through the week.

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