Flooding in Paducah forces animal shelter to relocate all dogs

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — These dogs were formerly on what some call dog death row.

“I like to get the ones that nobody wants,” said Jenna Cook, founder of Saving Death Row Dogs Ky. “I like to get the misunderstood ones.”

Each has their own tragic story of how they came to Cook.

“This dog was set on fire in Memphis,” said Cook as she showed us Bones. “I believe they set his back on fire.”

Saving Death Row Dogs is currently caring for 23 dogs, and they called kennels near Oaks Road home last week. That was until Cook received a call from a friend.

“He told me the dogs were in water. We go there as quick as we could, Cook said. “and sure enough, they were on top of their dog houses.”

She quickly evacuated the dogs by boat after pleading for help on Facebook. Someone came in a few hours with a boat and rescued all the dogs. It takes her months and sometimes years to de-traumatize animals.

“These dogs cannot be alone like this. I need to get a better place for them, and I’m also needing hands to help me,” Cook said.

The dogs are in a temporary housing kennel that Cooks’s family can’t afford.

“We just got the place it was hard catching up with how quick everything went. We had a lot of cleaning to do,” said Zakk Cunningham, Cook’s boyfriend, who stayed with the dogs all night.

They are looking for people to help however they can.

“I need volunteers who want to walk these dogs,” Cook said. “I’m in Paducah, and the dogs are in Mayfield. I need to get these dogs back to Paducah closer to me.”

They are also looking for volunteers to help collect donation at Rural King in Paducah. They’ll be accepting donations from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. You can also contact them at 731-446-1661 or through their Facebook page.