Below freezing temperatures turn floodwaters into ice and slush

WEST PADUCAH, KY — First it was flooding. Now, that water is turning into ice and slush.

People who live on Cold Springs Road said on Monday that the water is going down, but not enough. They’re still having to use boats to get around.

Clayton Massey grew up on that road. He said he’s dealt with flooding before, but never when it’s been this cold. “I was raised on this road until I was 21 years old. Of course, now I’m quite a bit older,” Massey said.

He’s raising his kids across the street from the house where he grew up. “Things have changed a little bit. It’s still home,” Massey said.

His current home has stayed dry, but the house he grew up in is surrounded by water. His dad’s deck is looking more like a dock.

“It needed to come up another half foot to get into our home, into our den,” Massey said.

Massey said his family learned a lot from the flooding in 2011.

“In the very back lot we have a tool barn where the equipment is held and trailer. We couldn’t get the trailer out, so we had to use the boat to transport some of those things out and transport into storage up here,” Massey said.

Even though it’s freezing now, Massey knows — just like eight years ago — this round of bad weather will pass.

“It’s just a cold spell. It hit us today,” Massey said. “It’s quite cold. We just have to deal with it for a couple of days. Then, we’ll get back to spring.”

People who live along Cold Springs Road still have heat and electricity, but that’s not the case for everyone in our region.

As temperatures drop, it can be dangerous to stay in your home without heat. Make sure you have plans to evacuate if needed.

The American Red Cross has two shelters open for flood victims: one in in Paducah and the other in Brookport, Illinois.

Click here for a full list of things to do after a flood, including how to getting help, staying healthy and cleaning and repairing your home.