Coroner investigating death of man pulled from floodwaters in McCracken County

UPDATE: Law enforcement officials have released the name of the woman who survived after her vehicle became stranded in floodwaters Tuesday night.

McCracken County Sheriff Matt Carter said 61-year-old Helen Hall was driving the vehicle. The man who was with her, William Villines, died after he was rescued from floodwaters.

Carter said Hall was driving a PT Cruiser. He said deputies took a boat over a mile to get to the car Wednesday. However, they can’t get it out of the water yet. Carter says they will wait until the floodwaters recede to recover the car.

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — McCracken County Coroner Amanda Melton says William Villines, 59, of Marshall County died from drowning and hypothermia. She says she has opened a death investigation.

Tuesday night, Villines and a woman were on Bryant Ford Road.  The road is covered in water, and there are road closed signs on both sides.

The Marshall County Road Department would not tell us when they put a road closed sign up, but the department said there was not a sign up at some point Tuesday.

McCracken County Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow says he cannot give us more details about what happened, because of the death investigation. He says the sheriff’s office has to write a report and send it to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will then decide if he wants to move forward with it as a criminal investigation.

About 13 different agencies responded to the area of Bryant Ford Road to rescue Villines and the woman on Tuesday night.

Villines was pulled from the water. Emergency responders performed CPR on him, and he was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. He later died.

The woman, who law enforcement officials have not identified, was said to already be on dry land when responders arrived and declined medical treatment.

Turnbow says Villines and the woman were headed from Marshall County into McCracken County. He wasn’t able to tell me who was driving the car.

County and city leaders met on Wednesday to discuss the flood and safety.

“I’m certainly sorry for the man losing his life, and I’m also sorry that we had to put 13 agencies out there,” McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer said. “They are at risk as well when they are out there.”

McCracken County Emergency Management Director Jerome Mansfield says there are about 22 roads still closed in the county. Do not drive past a road closed sign. You can get a ticket and you are risking your life. For a list of state roads closed by flooding in west Kentucky, click here.