County, city leaders prepare for flood damage assessment

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY –  Paducah and McCracken County leaders met Wednesday to discuss the Ohio River levels and flood damage.

The National Weather Service is predicting Ohio River water levels will start going down March 7.

Floodwaters are going down, but if you come across a flooded road, do not try to cross it. You are risking your life.

McCracken County Emergency Management Director Jerome Mansfield says they have been called out to 13 rescues for flood 2019. The latest rescue happened on Bryant Ford Road Tuesday night. A man and a woman were driving when their car got stuck in the floodwaters. The woman survived, but the man did not.

Photo by Momma D

It’s a reminder that “turn around; don’t drown” is more than a catchy saying.

On Wednesday, Paducah and McCracken County leaders met to talk about the flooding. They say the next step is to assess the damage, the cost of which they expect will reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mansfield says the Red Cross will start damage assessments soon. “Right now, the county residents affected seem to be pretty resilient, self sufficient,” Mansfield said. “A lot of people have water around their house, but not over their floor. Some do, but we are going to get an accurate account on that in the coming days as we get into the property and see.”

They also are hoping for help on the national level. County leaders say FEMA will be here at the end of March to do its own damage assessment.

There was an American Red Cross shelter open in McCracken County. Emergency Management says it has closed after the one family being helped was able to get back in their home.

If you’re in need of shelter during the flooding, call your local emergency management office.

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