Metropolis police citing, fining people who ignore or move road closed signs in flooded

METROPOLIS, IL — “The time of being nice and giving warnings are over,” Metropolis Police Chief Harry Massey says.

That’s a message the entire department has for anyone driving past road closure barricades. The department has cited 12 people driving past closed road signs this week alone.

Police say icy roads and deep waters are a dangerous combination.

“Our nightmare is they’re going to come on the corner, slide down ice and end up in the field there that’s 8 to 12 feet deep of water,” Massey said, “And we’re going to have to go in there and rescue them.”

Smith walks her mother’s dog, Cinnamon, and looks out at the flooded road on Vienna Street.

Judy Smith’s house is still surrounded by water, and a road closed sign sits right in front of her home.

“We borrowed a paddle boat from a friend of ours down the street, and we park at the neighbor’s house where the water is not over the driveway,” Smith said.

The moment that you drive past a road closed sign, you’re breaking the law. And if you’re thinking of testing your luck, Massey has a message.

“I have a incentive of a $120 fine to keep them to listen to those signs.” Massey said. “We’re not putting them up and the city street department isn’t wasting their time putting them up because they want to train and practice.”

If you choose to take a citation to court, a judge can fine you up to $2,500.