No fix yet for families living near mudslide in Hickman, Kentucky

HICKMAN, KY — Weeks have gone by, and there’s no fix yet for the families living around the mudslide in Hickman.

It happened last month, and the mayor had to declare a state of emergency.

James Ross has called his house on the hill home for the past 61 years. “I was about 15 when I moved up here,” Ross said. “I like it pretty good. It’s pretty quiet up here.”

He lives just right across from First Methodist Church — right where the mudslide happened.

It’s been three weeks since it happened, and another 5-foot section has fallen. Many think it will continue to fall unless stabilization is in place.

It’s not so quiet across the gully. Linda Rice’s family is worried for her safety.

“I began to get phone calls wanting to know how close it was to my house,” Rice said. “So, when I walked up there and saw it, I was very surprised. It’s kind of hard, because that was my routine to go around that church.”

But the mudslide isn’t scaring her. “I never did have much fear,” Rice said. “There’s always a possibility that something could happen.”

Rice thinks there are underlying issues, and something needs to be done to prevent it from getting any worse.

“If you’ve got good drainage, that makes a big difference,” Rice said.

Interim City Manager Cubb Stokes said they’re working with engineers to put some type of stabilization in place to prevent the mudslide from growing.

For now, Terrace Road across the street is closed.